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PC Maintenance Checklist: 5 Tips to Help You Take Care of Your PC

ABC Computers on June 20, 2011 in Blog

Having a PC is necessary in order to pay your bills, check your email and communicate with the outside world. However, many individuals who own a PC do not think about how to take care of it. They either may not be aware of the necessary steps to take or they do not understand why it is crucial to ensure that their PC is protected. Here is a list we put together of five easy tips that every individual should understand to take care of their personal computer:

1. Defragment Your Hard Drive

All computer users should run the Windows defragmenter tool. This utility is included with every Windows operating system. Anyone who is logged into a computer can go into the start menu, all programs, accessories folder, system tools and then disk defragemeter. This tool is used in order to determine if computer data can be consolidated to help the computer run faster. This tool may take several hours to run depending upon drive size and the amount of data. Defragmentation can take especially long the first time it is run, so it is advisable to start this process at the end of a work day since the process itself can affect a computer’s performance.

2. Run an Anti-Virus Program

Computer users should check that they have an active anti-virus program and run the program at least once a week. An up to date anti-virus program can help protect your computer from a variety of different problems. Viruses, spyware, malware and other infections can be incredibly difficult to remove from your computer. Protect your computer with an anti-virus program so that you do not have to remove the infection later on. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and a great option for home PC’s or offices with less than 10 PC’s.

3. Physically Clean Your Computer

Computers that are used over a long period of time need to be physically cleaned. Computer users should use a can of compressed air to clean out their keyboard. Many individuals have months of dust and debris underneath their keyboard that can cause keys to stick or no longer work. Individuals should also use compressed air to remove any dust and debris from the computer cooling fans. These fans are able to perform better when the debris is removed.

4. Backup Your Computer

Most individuals do not realize how many important files, documents and pictures they have on their hard drive. Having a computer crash and being unable to recover anything can be extremely difficult! Thankfully, there are a number of online backup options available for consumers today. Make sure that you backup all your data at least weekly. The photographs of your family and friends may not be able to be recovered from a computer with an infection! Protect yourself ahead of time with a complete backup.

5. Download Updates for the Computer

Many computer users forget to download updates for their operating system. Microsoft releases updates for Windows on a daily basis. Individuals can easily set their computer to search for updates every day or every week. These updates can then be automatically installed. Individuals who install updates on their computer will be able to enjoy new and exciting features as well as keep their computer secure from possible infections.

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